When you install PVC and wood-plastic composite materials with regular screws, they tend to expand and warp over time. This is because regular screws don’t allow the decking material to move as temperatures around it rise and fall. But that isn’t the case with DeckFast Fascia Screws.

The DeckFast Fascia System is a new innovation from Starborn that any contractor worth their salt should have in their toolbox. This handy little tool uses a specialty drill and matching DeckFast Screws which allow any decking material to expand and contract naturally. Because of this, your deck boards will be able to weather changes in temperature without cracking or warping.


The DeckFast Fascia System is a well-designed piece of engineering that includes the Fascia tool itself, as well as specially designed and color coated Fascia Screw. These screws are available in Headcote stainless steel and carbon steel that has been coated with epoxy.

At its core, the Fascia System has been designed to allow for a large amount of expansion and contraction that occurs naturally in a lot of PVC and wood-plastic composite decking materials. The pre-drilling tool creates an oversized hole for the Fascia Screw.

This allows each deck board to hang from the screw and allows it to shift and grow without putting too much strain on the deck fastener.

Apart from that, this system is the best tool to use when installing fascia decking boards from Trex, Clubhouse, AZEK, Timbertech, Deckorators and more. With the improved performance of this system, as well as the Fascia Screws, you can look forward to using fewer fasteners than if you were working with standard deck screws.


The best thing about the DeckFast Fascia Tool is that it uses the patented and award-winning Smart Bit technology from Starborn. This allows you to drill to pre-set depths perfectly every time. The main features of this system include:

1. Stop Collar with O-Ring

The system has a free spinning stop collar that stops once the hole you’re drilling is complete. It also has an o-ring to prevent the drill bit from marring or burnishing the surface of your fascia deck board in any way.

2. Anti-clog Debris Cavity

With many drill bits, the debris usually collects inside and interferes with any more work. But that is not the case with the DeckFast Fascia System. This tool features an anti-clog debris cavity that collects any waste from drilling your deck board, ensuring that it doesn’t interfere with the tool’s countersink.

3. Pre-set Countersink

The Fascia drilling tool is made to match the diameter of the fascia screw head. It is also preset to match the screw’s countersink depth, ensuring the final hole is a perfect fit. Its hole depth can fit ½” to ¾” fascia deck boards.

4. Pre-set Shaft length

This feature ensures that, along with the countersink, this system can sinkholes in fascia boards that are ½” to ¾” thick.


Apart from the pre-drilling and countersinking tool, the most important part of the DeckFast Fascia System is the specially crafted fascia screw. These screws are available in a wide range of colors, ensuring that they will fit smoothly into any deck surface.

You can get fascia screws that have heads painted in an array of 16 different colors to match any of the most popular composite and PVC deck boards available today.

These screws are made to fit in pre-drilled holes made by the pre-drilling and countersinking tool. Once the installation is complete, these screws are designed to sit flush against any decking material. This ensures that you will end up with a fastener-free deck surface.

Depending on your decking material, you can buy either stainless steel fascia screws or epoxy coated carbon steel. Stainless fascia screws are 9×1-7/8”, while the epoxy coated option are 10×1-7/8”.

Apart from that, these screws feature a T-20 star drive recess. This is the preferred choice for professional contractors and experienced DIY-ers. Each kit also comes with a T-20 bit to ensure that you can use these screws easily.

Here are the main features of the fascia screws:

1. T-20 Star Drive Recess

These screws feature a T-20 star drive recess, which is the number one choice for many professionals in the building world. This type of drive recess ensures that you will be able to grip the screw easily and drive it in without causing stripping.

2. Type 17 Auger Tip

The Fascia Screws use a specialized type 17 auger tip that is able to drive into any decking material faster and easier. This kind of tip also helps to protect treated lumber, PVC, or composite deck boards from splitting as you drill.

3. Color Matched Stainless Steel and Epoxy Coated Steel

These screws feature heads that are painted to color match with any decking material out there. They are available in a wide range of colors, including different shades of brown, gray, and slate.


There are many types of Starborn screws available on the market. That said, only a few DeckFast deck screws are specifically designed for use with the Fascia System. These include:

Stainless Screws

Stainless fascia screws are available in two different grades, with each type suitable for different uses. They include:

  •    Grade 305 Stainless Steel – These DeckFast screws feature a reinforced screw head with a star screw drive recess and nibs. They also have a type 17 auger tip and are suitable for use with wooden, PVC, and composite deck boards.
  •    Grade 316 Stainless Steel – These also feature a reinforced screw head with nibs and a T-20 star drive recess. The type 17 auger tip makes it easier for the screw to enter PVC, wooden, or wood-plastic deck boards. This grade of steel is also suitable for coastal and humid environments.

Epoxy Coated Screws

The epoxy coated screws are made out of a carbon steel material that has been coated in color matched epoxy. They feature a reinforced flat head that has a T-20 star drive recess and nibs. They also feature a type 17 auger tip.

Epoxy screws are a great choice if you are working with pressure treated decking material, or for general exteriors.


The DeckFast Fascia System uses a specially designed pre-drilling and countersinking tool along with color matched fascia screws to install different types of fascia deck boards. This system lets decking material expand and contract naturally without causing damage to the connectors or destroying the overall look of the deck.

Keep in mind that it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using this system. The DeckFast Fascia System was designed for use with deck boards that range from ½” and ¾” in thickness.

Start off by pre-drilling and countersinking all holes in your deck board using the Fascia tool. You will know that the hole is at your pre-set depth when the stop collar stops spinning.

Then, simply set the deck board in place and use the fascia screws to fasten it. Make sure to drive each screw in until it is flush with the board.

If used correctly, this system creates a slightly oversized hole that lets each fascia board rest on the fastener safely. Over time, the board can expand and contract freely without stressing the screw shanks, warping the decking material, or damaging your deck in any way.

Once installed, the fascia screws lay flush against the deck surface. This gives you the amazing appearance of a fastener-free deck that is all the rage these days. That said, it is important to avoid making the screws too tight. This will restrict the deck board’s natural movement, defeating the whole purpose of using this tool.

It is also important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when choosing the right screw for your project. You have the choice of either epoxy coated carbon steel fascia screws or stainless fascia screws. That said, the general rule is that you should use stainless screws where you are concerned about corrosion or that the fascia deck boar will expand and contract too much.


Fascia screws are available in a wide range of color matched heads. This allows them to blend in seamlessly with any fascia deck board.

The best way to get fascia screw packs is by shopping online. You can get the 100-pack stainless  steel DeckFast fascia screws at $26.99 today.

These screws are incredibly easy to use and promise to fasten your PVC or wood-plastic composite deck boards without the risk of warping or buckling the material over time.


When most people build a deck, they like to simply drive a bunch of deck screws into the surface. But professionals demand a better system, especially when they are working with fascia boards.

That’s why the DeckFast Fascia System from Starborn is such a game-changer. This tool is designed to create decks that can expand and contract naturally (because of moisture and temperature) without facing any damage. With this in mind, it is no wonder that the DeckFast Fascia System has become one of the most popular tools for home improvement projects everywhere.