Outdoor lighting can transform your evening outdoor space into a unique and inviting atmosphere and safely illuminate steps, paths and walkways for you and your guests.  With a variety of high quality lighting options the possibilities are endless. Recessed lighting works well for decks, pathways and pavers. Hardscape lighting illuminates walls, pillars and is used to downlight fences or uplight accent walls.


Control your new lighting system with the In-Lite App and Smart Hub transformer. Adjust your lighting from your smartphone or tablet with a low-energy Bluetooth connection. Paired with In-Lite’s Smart Hub 150 transformer you can control up to three zones, automatically turn your lights on and off with the built-in clock or wireless motion detector.

in-lite EVO HYDE 180 DARK surface light

  • $104.00

in-lite EVO HYDE 550 DARK surface light

  • $153.00

in-lite SCOPE CEILING surface light

  • $133.00

in-lite MINI SCOPE CEILING surface light

  • $104.00

in-lite MINI SCOPE DUO spotlight

  • $199.50

in-lite MINI SCOPE spotlight

  • $97.00

in-lite SCOPE spotlight

  • $119.50

in-lite BIG SCOPE spotlight (beam angle options)

  • $166.00