Our OZCO line of products are dedicated to producing the finest quality hardware, from decorative to anchors for DIYers to professionals, as well as providing how-to instructions for all varieties of outdoor living structures, including a materials list that is simple to use.

What is an Oz-Post™?

The Oz-PostTM Support System is a cutting-edge construction product that improves, simplifies, and speeds up the process of fixing a post to the ground. The Oz-Post is a heavy-gauge galvanized steel spike driven into the ground with a jackhammer. Oz-Posts™patented designs are created to replace the use of concrete to secure your posts.

OZ-Post post anchors are the best option for replacing pit diggers and pouring concrete foundations, providing excellent support for your outdoor living spaces and future projects. OZ-Post products secure your wooden post without digging, concrete or mess while keeping the bottom of the posts safe from water and rot. These types of posts are made of hot-dip galvanized steel and tested for wind loads up to 120 mph for maximum durability.

How do they work?

The Oz-Post™ when entering the ground becomes an extension of the jackhammer and uses its vibrations to penetrate the ground beneath it. After the Oz-Post™ has been installed, its large fins grab the surrounding terrain, therefore, stabilizing the post. With an installation time of just one minute, Oz-Post™ has taken the labor and guesswork out of installing posts.

Why use Oz-Post™?

  • No digging or concreting is required
  • One person installation in a matter of minutes
  • Easily driven into asphalt, clay, roots, and soil
  • Tested to be stronger than concrete!
  • Removable and reusable
  • Wooden posts won't rot
  • Posts don't have to be very long
  • Less Expensive
  • Cleaner - No need to dig up the soil
  • 25-year manufacturer warranty
  • Start building without delays - There is no need to wait for the concrete to be set.


“Best upgrade ever! You will never add a smaller upgrade that will get you bigger attention to your home! These are unique eye candy no matter the style of your home! So very happy I found them. It changed the look of the garden gate, fence and wood trim in the kitchen into something special.” Julia H. ~ verified buyer

2-3/8″ WAP-OZ Fence Bracket

  • $6.19


T4-850 Post Anchor – for 4×4 posts

  • $58.99
  • $58.49

2-3/8″ WAP-OZ Fence Brackets (50PCS)

  • $251.99

2-3/8″ Steel To Wood 90° Fence Bracket

  • $9.49

T6-850 (5 1/2" Square) OZ-Post Anchor

  • $98.49

12" OZ-Deck Plate

  • $43.99

Jackhammer Driving Kit (JDK)

  • $84.79

T6-700 (5 1/2" Square) OZ-Post Anchor

  • $66.29

OZ-Puller w/ Clamps

  • $1,349.99

BLACK Hammer-Spacer HSP-T6

  • $22.99

BLUE Hammer-Spacer HSP-HB

  • $22.99

Round Cap Driving Tool (CDT)

  • $37.99

OH-02 (Oz-Hammer Driver)

  • $53.99

MDK-13 Manual Driving Kit

  • $76.99