Pergola Hardware

What pergola hardware do we offer? 

Pergola is an excellent way to provide patio cover and enhance your outdoor living space. Pergola structures provide shade and protection from the essential elements. Building a pergola strong enough for bad weather is key in protecting your outdoor space investment. At the Deck Shoppe, we offer the best material for pergolas to enhance your outdoor space. 

Our range of durable Ozco pergola hardware products include: post base kits, clips, truss connectors, bolts, accent plates, joist hangers, caps bolt washers, etc. We have been serving our customers for over a decade with quality and affordable pergola hardware. 

Post base kits

Our pergola post bases are made from high quality steel to ensure the strength and stability of the base post. They are very durable, available in a variety of sizes and have a protective coating that will preserve them for years to come. This hardware is useful for various pergola projects, including backyard gardens and even for outdoor entertainment spaces.


We provide all types of pergola rafter clips that can attach trusses or other structures to posts. Clips are a versatile component of pergola kits as they can be easily attached to the post by using bolts or screws. They also fit in perfectly as decorative pergola hardware.

Truss connectors

These are used for connecting two pieces of wood together. They are usually made from aluminum or galvanized steel and are used for joining the ends of wooden beams or trusses together. Our connectors are available in different size options. They are easy to install and can be used for many different applications.


Bolts are used for fastening things together. They are commonly used for securing the top of a beam to a wall or roof for optimum post placement. We have a wide variety of bolts that you can choose for your pergola kit as well as for your other DIY projects.

Accent plates

Accent plates are used for decorating your beautiful pergola. They are often made with decorative metal brackets and are available in a variety of styles and designs. They add elegance to any pergola project.


Caps are used for covering the heads of bolts from rust due to harsh weather conditions. They are available for every bolt size and in different colours and finishes. You can use them on bolts that connect the tops of beams to walls or roofs.

Bolt washers 

Bolt washers are used for preventing corrosion on bolts, especially those in outdoor spaces. They are available in different sizes and shapes and are also used for tightening bolts and nuts.

The pergola hardware offered at Deck Shoppe is manufactured from the highest grade materials. These hardware items are carefully inspected before being shipped out to our valued customers. This is because customer satisfaction and positive feedback are important to us. Therefore, if you want to buy durable pergola hardware products online, then you should visit our website today!

OWT - 2″x4″ Top Rail Saddle (2pk) 56641

  • $13.49

OWT - Post Base Kit LITE IRONWOOD (size options)

  • From $49.99

OWT - Post Base Kit IRONWOOD (size options)

  • From $73.19

OWT - Joist Hanger Flush IRONWOOD (size options)

  • From $43.49

OWT - 6″ Flush Inside 90 Plate Connector Truss Ties (2PK)

  • $25.99

OWT - Post Base Kit LAREDO SUNSET (size options)

  • From $73.19

OWT - Rafter Clips LAREDO SUNSET (10pk) (size options)

  • From $42.99

OWT - 2″ High-Velocity Rafter Clip IRONWOOD (10PK)

  • $62.99

OWT - 6″ Beam Hanger IRONWOOD (2pk)

  • $133.99

OWT - Truss Accent Plate (2PK) LAREDO SUNSET

  • $50.79

OWT - 4″ T Tie Plate Connector (style options)

  • $26.19

OWT - 6″ Butt Joint Flush Plate Connectors (2PK)

  • $15.79

OWT - 2″ High-Velocity Rafter Clip LAREDO SUNSET (10PK)

  • $62.99

OWT - Rafter Clips IRONWOOD (10pk) (size options)

  • From $42.99

OWT - 8″ Post to Beam Flush IRONWOOD (2pk) 51776

  • $69.39

OWT - 6"x6″ Column Cap Hardware LAREDO SUNSET 56679

  • $80.99

OWT - 4″ Flush Inside 45 Angle Bracket (4PK) (style options)

  • $87.99

OWT - 6″ Beam Hanger LAREDO SUNSET (2pk)

  • $133.99

OWT - Joist Hanger Flush LAREDO SUNSET (size options)

  • From $43.99

OWT - 8" Post to Beam Bolt Inline LAREDO SUNSET 56637

  • $87.89

OWT - Post to Beam Coupler LAREDO SUNSET (2pk) (size options)

  • From $73.19

OWT - 1-1/2″ Hex Cap Nut (10PK)

  • $32.99

OWT-LITE 4″ 90° Flush Outside (style options)

  • $30.99

OWT - T Tie Extended Truss Connector (2PK)

  • $87.89