Building a new deck is always a long and involving process. Installing one without the right tools just makes it harder. During the deck building process, most people simply focus on the deck and rails. However, what about the balusters? Failing to plan that far ahead to include this important detail will leave you scrambling at the last minute, making the whole process longer and harder than it needs to be.

That is why the solution offered by Deckorators is such an exciting prospect. The Standard Estate Stair Connector is a concealed connector that is designed to complement estate balusters from the same company. This stair connector allows you to make deck stairs easily by allowing the balusters to be anchored to the deck railing without drilling or routing. You will end up achieving a clean and finished look as a result.

This patented stair connector also offers additional protection when you are using treated lumber as decking material. The end result is a strong, stable, and beautiful railing component that will play a huge part in making your deck last longer over time. They also make the process more affordable too: one pack of 20 stair connectors can be used to install 10 balusters.



When you are thinking about your new deck, you are probably envisioning yourself surrounded by friends and family, socializing, or just relaxing alone with nature. You are definitely not thinking about the separate elements that make up this construction, like balusters or stair rail connectors.

And yet, it is all about the details. Along with the deck, components like the decking material, rails, post, balusters – and stair baluster connectors – are just as important.

With that in mind, it is time to consider why the Standard Estate Stair Connector from Deckorators is the best option for you. In general, they offer two types of baluster connectors: straight and stair. Measurements for the straight option in terms of width, depth, and height are ¾” by ¾” by ¾”.

On the other hand, the stair connectors measure at ¾” by ¾” by 15/16”. They are also set at a 35°, which will define the tilt of your deck stairs. Furthermore, each pack of 20 stair connectors comes with 20 1½” stainless steel, square drive screws.

The Estate Stair Connector is made from a hardy type of plastic that has been molded to perfection. They are available in a wide variety of colors, including black, white, grey, and brown. Apart from that, these deck stair railing connectors are backed by an industry-leading warranty of 25 years. This guarantees the component’s structural integrity, as well as its protection against fading and staining.

One of the most exciting things about products from Deckorators is their cutting-edge powder coating treatment. This is a process that involves dry finishing each component in a mixture of pigments and resins using an electrostatic spraying method. The treated items are then finished in a curing furnace to form a strong, smooth coating.

As a result, items that are taken through this process all share a distinctly uniform, high-quality, and durable finish that can stand up to the highest structural and environmental standards. This ensures that, once you buy and install your stair handrail connectors, you can rest easy in the knowledge that it was built to last.


The Standard Estate Stair Connectors are designed for use with aluminum, wooden, and treated wood balusters. That said, you will need at least 2.5 balusters for every linear foot of railing. A 20-pack of estate rail connectors will be enough to install 10 balusters – with one connector going on the top railing and a corresponding one on the bottom.

To install these deck stair railing connectors, you will also need the following components:

  •    Safety glasses
  •    Tape measure
  •    Carpenter’s pencil
  •    Clamps
  •    Drill driver
  •    Rubber mallet
  •    Support blocks
  •    Clear adhesive
  •    Adequate number of Estate Stair Connectors
  •    Rail connectors (optional)

Once you have assembled all your tools and components, you can use this step-by-step guide to install your stair rail connectors:

  1. Start off by measuring the railing opening from one post to another. This will give you the length that your top and bottom railings should be.
  2. Cut 2×4 deck boards to this length in order to make the top and bottom railings. Make sure to cut these at the proper angle.
  3. Then, use the clamp to grip the two boards together. Make sure to lay them down flat.
  4. Starting at the center, use the tape measure to mark off the board after every 5½”. Ensure that the marks lie at the center of each board.
  5.  Screw on a single Estate Stair Connector on each separate mark. Use the stair adaptors to do this in order to finish your stair rail. Each stair adaptor is designed to work for 30° to 35° angles.
  6. Screw the bottom rail into the post. Then, insert your preferred choice of baluster into each stair connector into the bottom railing. You can use clear adhesive to secure each connector in place and prevent spinning.
  7. Then, place the top railing over the balusters. You can then proceed to install your choice of post caps for a finished look.


Before starting in on the installation, it is important to check for special code requirements within your local authority. As with any other project that involves some sort of construction activity, you must ensure that it complies with all the most up to date local zoning regulations and building codes.

Such building requirements exist so as to ensure that your welfare and safety is guaranteed. Since such regulations vary from one state or city to another, it is important to know which regulations will affect your project. However, most municipalities need you to apply for a building permit before you can start on building a new deck or patio, especially if it is more than 30 inches off the ground.

Furthermore, the typical rail height is 36 inches. You can ensure that the structural support is solid by using deck support posts that extend all the way from the deck floor. Alternatively, you could also use the railing posts that are bolted to the outer joist or inner rim to provide support.

This railing height is largely determined by the type of baluster that you use. However, the where and how of your installation will also play a significant role in the total height. In this case, two Estate Stair Connectors will add at least 1/8” to the final rail height.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you use these stair connectors effectively:

  1. Depending on how you have built the stair railings, you may have to run the bottom 2×4 railing down along the stringer. This will help you get it up to the proper height.
  2. A distance between railing posts should be at least six inches and no more than eight inches on center.
  3. It is always important to wear appropriate safety gear when working on any construction project. This could include equipment like safety goggles, gloves, and ear plugs as required.


It can be hard to get inspiration for your next deck or patio project. However, these design ideas will give you a great starting point and help you play around with the Estate Stair Connector for truly creative compositions:

  1. Use these stair connectors with estate balusters for a classic, elegant look, or with decorative and twist balusters for a more contemporary feel.
  2. Enhance the natural feel of your backyard by using natural stone or appropriately colored cement to form your deck stairs. Then, you can use brown posts and stair connectors to play up this nature theme.
  3. Use a narrow, winding spiral staircase to connect two porch areas without eating up a lot of your outdoor living space. The estate stair rail connector – coupled with the stair adaptor – is the perfect solution when building such a feature. Its ability to twist at different angles.
  4. Install deck lighting on the posts and rails to provide the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor space. This lighting is available in a wide range of colors and designs to suit any style aesthetic.


Working with the right deck railing system will transform the look and feel of your outdoor living space. With such high stakes, it is very important to not only find the right design, but the best elements to make it come to life.

That is where the Estate Stair Connector comes in. A lot of times, not too many people think about this humble component. However, it has the unbelievable potential to make any deck building project take less time, require less effort, and cost less money.

These stair connectors are extremely easy to use and install. The fact that they cut out the need to do any drilling is an added plus. Snag some of these nifty stair connectors and transform your next decking project.