If you are the type of person who loves décor, even outdoor decor, you will simply adore the decorative post caps. The caps add elegance and style to your rail posts by giving them that extra wow factor. Elegance does not necessarily mean something has to be extremely expensive, although you should remember that cheap is also expensive!

Post caps are that final addition to your deck rails that makes them stand out. Sitting on your deck on a warm, summer night should never be a dull affair; you can always choose to have the post caps light up with solar power or a low wattage. If you like doing things differently, you can make a major statement by going for both bright and bold. The more conservative person also has options, and there is an option of being simple and minimal if you are not into extravagant looks.

Decks are like a blank canvas that you can paint on. The possibilities are endless. You can experiment and let your creative genius flow, even when it comes to choices like simple post decoration. Since the caps serve different purposes, there is no reason for you not to go all out and decorate, and at the same time protecting your posts.

Decks are an amazing addition to any house. They add value to your house, at the same time letting you enjoy nature. The trick for many however remains what to do with the top part of the wood in balustrades and posts, which is prone to rotting. The solution is decorative post caps.

Decorative post caps definitely make your deck look less plain. The posts allow for the addition of lights, making the deck look more alluring. A deck is already a valuable addition and if you add decorative post caps with lighting, the home would give you a 100% back on your investment if you were to sell.

It is amazing how a decorative post cap can make such a huge difference to a simple looking post. The transformation to your deck will be nothing short of amazing. There are of course a few pertinent questions frequently asked. What are the different varieties of post caps available? Do the caps come in different sizes, shapes, and materials? How much do they cost?




Post caps are a final addition to your deck rails and make them look unique. As the name suggests, they are caps that protect wood post ends from the elements. The decorative post caps act as a two in one, both decorative and functional.

The beauty about post caps is that it is a once in a lifetime purchase. The probability of replacing the caps in a hurry is very low. The caps will stay put for years and all you probably have to replace are the lights, depending on the type of caps you install.

Other than just looking pretty, they will also protect, and keep the wiring secure in the post sleeves. They are especially effective in keeping your children’s tiny hands from ripping the wiring from the sleeves

Decorative post caps give your deck a unique look. Examples include:


Metal Post Caps are as simple as they come. If your taste is simple and you like minimal decorations, go for metal caps. They, of course, come in many designs and finishes, from aluminum, stainless steel, and copper, etc. They will definitely serve the purpose as intended, and still look very neat.

Examples Include:


They are simple and elegant. They come in different materials and finishes and in different dimensions too. When buying the caps, it is important to have the exact measurements to avoid disappointments.

Round Post Caps add an appealing quality to your fence or deck construction. They are the most popular, owing to their durability and weather resistance, and are mostly available in copper and aluminum. Round post caps also come in many different colors.


The 6 by 6 solar post caps is stunning and classy. Your deck will look superb in these decorative posts. The 5- 5/8’ solar post will be a perfect fit for a 6X6 wood post. This is a classic way to light up your deck. They are low voltage and offer the perfect ambiance for an evening out on the deck. You can choose to place one on every post or on every other post, depending on the amount of light you need, or the ambiance you want to create.

Too much light will take away that cozy ambiance, while too little will make it dull. You need to have just the right amount of light for it to be perfect.


Wood post caps are easy to install, yet are durable and look beautiful at the same time. If you want to add beauty and elegance to an already existing deck or fence, you need to consider decorative fence post caps.

The wood fence post caps are both decorative and functional. Functional is because they protect the upper exposed end of the wood from the elements like rain and snow, which cause the wood to rot. You can incorporate beautiful lighting that lights up the whole fence at night.


If you have fenced off with 6X6 fence posts, you might want to invest in some fence post caps. There is no better sight than the whole length of your fence lighted up. It provides lighting and better still, creates a certain atmosphere.


There is something incredibly rustic and attractive about cedar. A cedar fence definitely needs care and protection from snow and rain. The choice is yours if you want to put up cedar fence for the elegance, the durability or both. Cedar is one of the best qualities of wood available.

To be on the safe side, get Cedar Fence Caps. The cedar fence post guarantees that you cedar fence is well cared for and protected from the elements. At the same time, be assured of the very best décor with these beautiful caps.


There are posts at the end of every railing, and metal is very reliable and long lasting. It does not succumb to the elements as fast as wood. Also known as, post finials or post tops, they come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. It is up to you to get as creative as possible to create a beautiful sight.

Metal fence post caps are popular because they are easy to maintain and lots of designs to choose from.


Customized Metal End Caps have a big range of metal balls and spheres in different styles. They have a way of looking both classy and beautiful. Decorative metal caps vary in nature; some have simple designs, while others have fancy designs. The choice is yours to make.


Brass is classy. Brass tube caps give a beautiful finish that is unmatched. The brass is polishable to a high shine and does not rust, thus perfect for outdoors. The tube caps are also available in different lengths.

They provide a finish to elegant handrails, foot rails, and glazing posts. Different thicknesses are available for utilization with foot rails and handrail fittings. The Brass Tube End Caps are also available in copper, satin, and chrome.


4X4 decorative metal end caps are perfect for decoration and finishing for railings. Metal end caps bring class and elegance together. They have a way of making even the simplest railing look beautiful. They will fit well in a 4X4 post and it is imperative that the measurements are correct or else they will not fit. The caps come in many different designs and finishes.

Choose caps from the same manufacturer of your post sleeves. This way you get a cap that fits perfectly. Different manufacturers only quote the exact dimensions, yet slightly deviate from the measurements when manufacturing. They may also slightly alter the shape of a product by making corners more pronounced or slightly rounding them.


Do you have a beautiful deck that is missing that little something that you just can’t put your finger on? Invest in decorative caps and you are good to go! They will provide the protection you need, and at the same time add an aesthetic value.

Decorative caps are a form of expression. Your choice of decorative post caps says a lot about your personal preference. Your choice however also depends on your budget. There are different prices for different designs. Some caps are more costly, each depending on the material and the design complexity.

Take your time, go through the different types of caps, and choose which ones suit you best.