Extreme weather is no match for InvisiRail performance

Harsh weather conditions are no match for how InvisiRail outdoor railings perform on your deck.

A common question often asked about the InvisiRail custom railing product line is, can this product be used in extreme weather conditions like; snow and ice, coastal waterfront, hurricane prone and windy conditions? The answer is undeniably yes! The InvisiRail product line has been tested in extreme environments in their facility and on site prior to being brought to market and exceeds quality and testing standards and building codes for glass railing systems.

Here is how InvisiRail performs under each of the above conditions:

Snow & Ice

Snow and ice are no match for InvisiRail deck railings. Samples have been tested by being fully submerged in water, then subsequently frozen solid and defrosted without any issues. InvisiRail has been used in -30 degree celsius environments over many years and not a single issue has been reported of any adverse effects.  The InvisiRail Vistipost aluminum railing is made of high grade powder coated aluminum for long lasting durability.  Also the aluminum railing does not rust like steel so it will look great year after year.  The Invisipost comes in 3 finish options - black, white (powder coated aluminum) and 316 Stainless steel.  InvisiRail  tempered glass panels securely fit between posts. All three options are great for freezing and snowy environments.

Hurricane and Wind

Many areas of the United States and the Caribbean have laws requiring railings in these areas to be Hurricane rated.  InvisiRail took this into consideration when designing this system and had tested in a wind tunnel where it surpassed the standard and was approved for Hurricane environments.  Customers in areas with excessive winds have given positive feedback on the InvisiRail system.  One customer's property in Puerto Rico was badly hit by hurricane Irma in 2017.  One glass panel broke as it was struck by a large piece of debris however the rest of the system was intact and as per the customers words "the railing fared better than the foundation of the property, which shifted due to the wind".  What a great testament to the quality railings InvisiRail system offers.

Coastal & Waterfront Environments

In hot weather, the main concern is the salt water and salty air which wreaks havoc on traditional metal posts and components.  With the InvisiRail system the most popular choice is either the stainless steel Invisipost or the stainless steel square post for these applications.  The 316 stainless steel is rust resistant and virtually maintenance free. Long term testing has shown no rusting and minimal surface oxidation that is easily removed with basic stainless steel cleaner.  All components for this application such as the connectors and hardware are also stainless steel so this system can be used worry-free.  This system has been installed throughout the Caribbean Islands, Florida, California, the Maritime Provinces of Canada and InvisiRail has worked flawlessly in these outdoor living space applications.