Metal Post Caps are protective and decorative additions that are installed atop decks and rail posts. Metal caps can incorporate lights,which will  light up your outdoor deck! The lights can be low voltage, and even better, solar powered, which will minimize your electricity bill.

Someone once said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and that less is always more. Many times, the more understated your style is, the more class it seems to add to your home. Metal Post Caps have that quiet elegance that speaks of class.



Metal Post caps are very economical, which is good news! They are economical in terms of pricing and they last long, giving you value for your money. The caps add lots of elegance to your plain deck posts, as well as protecting them from the elements.

Your dilemma, however, is that there are very many options to choose from. There are so many different types and styles of attractive metal caps! Let’s have a look at some them and see if you can make up your mind on what would be ideal for your rails.


Round Metal Post Caps are excellent for decks and railings as they add a stunning look to your deck and railings. At the same time, the metal caps protect your deck posts’ end grain from rot caused by rain, snow and salt water, for the waterfront homes. The aluminium, stainless steel, and copper that are often used to make the caps do not rust, which is a great plus.

Round metal caps are the most popular because they are very durable and their weather resistance is amazing.


Round Metal Fence Post Caps are both decorative and highly functional. If you have an outdoor deck and rails and you have trouble with replacing posts all the time due to rotting, look no further. The caps add a certain sense of style to your fence and remove the monotony, especially if the fence winds down a long path.

You can opt to have the Round Metal Fence Caps, such as the Victoria ball top, light up the entire length of your fence giving it a beautiful and classic style. It works beautifully for waterfront properties too. Imagine a walkway to the waterfront all beautifully lighted up- it’s the stuff fairy tales are made of and everyone will fall in love with it.

It really does not matter whether you have a metal or wooden fence. There are Round Metal Fence Caps to suit all types of fences and to suit all types of preferences. If you love elaborate designs, there are ornate metal caps to suit your style. These swanky metal caps might cost you slightly more, but it will definitely satisfy the creative urge in you eg the Victoria Ball top..


As said earlier, Metal Post Caps come in different sizes. They come in beautiful finishes of either copper or aluminum that look fabulous on composite, metal or wood railings.

The Metal Post Caps go a long way, not only in protecting the end grain but also in securing the wiring for the lighting within the post sleeves. Metal caps are easy to maintain, therefore very economical. The 4X4 Metal Post Caps designs vary from simple, conservative, to the very complex, and elaborate. Examples include the 4×4 Victoria Plateau Copper post cap.

The choice you make is dependent on your preferences. Your planned budget also plays a huge role in the design you settle on eg the Victoria Plateau copper post cap goes for $21.


6X6 Metal Post Caps come in different finishes. These Metal Post Caps are so durable that you might never need to replace them! They come in so many different and beautifully crafted designs. Eg the 6×6 Victoria High point post caps that is available in 6 finishes. After a few years, you may want to change them just to get a change of style, but not because they are worn out!


If you are the type of person who loves DIY (Do It Yourself) projects, you will be pleased to know that making a metal post cap is not hard. You may want to replace a metal cap, or you may just want to save up on costs. You will need:

  •         A piece of fence post, either 4X4 or 6X6 and about 3 feet in length
  •         A circular saw that creates the form on the post
  •         A hardwood wooden mallet (3-inch diameter). This is to hammer the sheet metal
  •         Soft temper copper sheet, about .021 inches thick or 24 gauge.
  •         Metal Cutter. This will help you in cutting the copper into the required size.

Figure out which shape you want for the post cap. The easiest is one with a triangle tip. Cut the form with the circular saw on the piece of post. Cut the copper sheet to the size you want for the cap. You might want to first experiment using scrap metal to avoid wasting the copper sheet which costs quite a bit of money. This however is your prerogative. If you so wish, you can go ahead and use the copper sheet.

Before cutting the copper, you might want to anneal it. This makes it more malleable. Annealing is simply heating the copper up with a blowtorch and then letting it cool off. It is, however, not necessary because copper, by its very nature, is malleable enough. The choice whether to anneal or not is up to you.

After cutting the copper, use the mallet to bend the copper around the previously created form. If you want to add a shine to the cap, you can apply some colourful sealant that can also help in preventing corrosion. On the other hand, you may leave it without the sealant. This allows it to age naturally and gain a rustic look that some people like. This rustic look is patina and happens when copper oxidizes.

Oxidisation happens at different rates in different areas. The more humid a place is, the faster the copper oxidizes. The trick to achieving the perfect classic look is letting oxidization occur to a point and then applying a lacquer to keep more oxidization from occurring.


Metal caps for wood posts are an ingenious and awesome way to protect your wood posts from rain and snow. They are also a fabulous way to improve the overall look of your home. The metal caps can be fashioned from copper, aluminum and galvanized steel. They also come in various colors to give you a variety to choose from. eg the 4×4 hammered aged stainless post cap and the 4×4 hammered aged copper post caps.

Cedarwood posts look very classy, but they are bound to rot after some time if you don’t care for them. The Metal caps for wood posts break the monotony from your deck or fence. Add some lights to the posts and voila! Your deck or fence will look fabulous and will be the envy of many! Example of post caps that light up include the solar post cap, the solar copper high point and the Traditional solar versa post cap.


Low voltage and solar metal fence caps are easily available and if you so choose, you can have the caps light up. This provides both beauty and security. Some Metal Fence Caps come with fittings that allow you to fix the lights.


We have already established Metal Caps are a fantastic way to spruce up your outdoor décor. Deck rails can be a little mundane. Metal caps, which come in different colors, can do a lot to liven up the look.

Metal post caps give you value for your money because they are durable and cost-effective depending on the design you decide on, and your budget. If you prefer DIY, you can do that as well, it is easy, and a good way to customize a design of your choice.

Metal caps are a revolutionary way to both protect and decorate, and you have numerous options to choose from.