Many people love that traditional look of wood on their stairways. It is beautiful all right. However, have you ever thought of keeping the same traditional look but slightly changing it with a more polished, more modern and a highly styled look? You can make your wood stairway look and feel completely different today by using baluster connectors.

Balusters come in different forms and shapes. For lack of a better word to describe balusters, let us just call them legs or vertical pillars that support a rail on a stairway.  So in short, balusters are pillars made out of either wood, stone, metal or other known materials. The shape and styles of balusters also vary from home to home and from architect to architect. Some are smooth, others have beautiful and ornamental carvings and yet others have special designs.

The places that use balusters most are the stairways and decks. These are sensitive areas especially if you have small kids. The balusters have to be strong enough to withstand any pressure from anything and the spaces between them to be as minimal as possible. If they are in anyway loose, you know that is an accident waiting to happen. To avoid any unforeseen accidents, the balusters have to fit tightly and firmly into the rails by using glue, nails, or other materials.

Now there is another way of ensuring the balusters stay safely and tightly in place while adding beauty to them without using the traditional methods of connecting them to the rails. This is by using baluster connectors.


Baluster connectors allow the safe securing of balusters to the rails without the need to use glue or other tools like nails, the traditional screws and so on. The baluster connectors give a very tidy, neat and clean finish as compared to anything else. They come in different shapes, makes, styles and colors. No drilling the rails is necessary when using baluster connectors as they come with their own screws and they fit the ends of the balusters well.

Baluster connectors or decorator baluster connectors are easily available and very affordable.



There are quite a number of baluster connectors that all do the same job with an outcome of different results. Below are reviews of some of the most common types of decorator connectors on offer


Square Baluster Connectors give a classic and sleek finishing to your balusters. You do not need any drilling as the square balusters attach the balusters firmly to the railing with the provided stainless screw screws. They are long lasting and in case of corrosion, be sure that your aluminum balusters will remain protected.


  •    Square deckorator connectors come in three colors: white, bronze and black.
  •    They are straight with dimensions of 1-3/8”x1-3/8”x3/4”
  •    They come in packs of 20.
  •    Made from durable plastic

Other accessories included with the square balusters are 20 pieces of 1-1/2” square stainless screws.


Round baluster connectors work well on stair angles of between 30 and 35 degrees connecting them with ease using the provided stainless steel screws. The round baluster connectors set well on wood and composite railings. They have a plastic protection cover that protects against any damages like corrosion when there is chemical contact between the aluminum and chemical treated lumber. Round deckorator, baluster connectors leave a finishing that is neat, sturdy and clean.


  •    Comes in five colors: bronze, black, brown, white and gray
  •    Specifically meant for the stairs
  •    Measurements 3/4”x3/4”x7/8”
  •    Height 2 round baluster connectors add to 1/8” to the finished height of the rail
  •    Angle of the stair 30-35 degrees
  •    Comes in a pack of 20
  •    Made from plastic
  •    Extra accessories are (20) 1-1/2” square stainless steel screws
  •    The round baluster connectors’ quantity estimate is 20 deckorator baluster connectors for 10 balusters.


Our line of Deckorator baluster connectors are very similar to the Lowes baluster connectors that connect aluminum balusters to stair and line rails.  Twisted with flat screwdriver that changes them from line to stair rail, they work well with both wood and composite rails.


  •    They are black in color
  •    Actual width is 0.74 inches
  •    They come in a pack of 20
  •    Made from plastic material
  •   For use with both decking and porches


Uni ball baluster connectors are very fast to install and are good connectors for round balusters. Uni ball baluster connectors create a very clean and neat finish with 3/4” aluminum straight balusters or stair balusters and are easy to use as they allow you to cut your balusters to the height of the stair angle.  Packaging of the deckorator baluster connectors comes with 50 connectors and 50 stainless steel screws and not recommended for pressure treated wood because they do not create any barrier between the baluster and the railing.


  •    They come in one color: black
  •    Type of baluster they connect to is straight and stairs
  •    Measurements are 3/4”x3/4”x1/2”
  •    Height is zero
  •    They come in a pack of 50
  •    Other accessories are (50) 1-1/2” square drive stainless steel screws
  •    Made from plastic
  •    Quantity estimate is 20 connectors per 10 balusters


Line rail balusters connectors come in two styles and installation is very easy on rail assemblies and angled for stair balusters. Line rail baluster connectors are easily interchangeable among many brands so you have to be very specific when ordering.


  •    These classic connectors come in two colors: white and bronze
  •    They come in a pack of 20
  •    Secures classic balusters to the rails without routing any holes
  •   A packet of 20 connectors installs 10 balusters


Saves time

Baluster connectors save you a lot of time in the installation and fixing of balusters to the rails. You do not have to use many products or to drill holes in order to fix your balusters. With the selection of any of the above baluster connectors, you are set to finish your work within the shortest time possible.

Safe and strong

You will find most balusters on stairways and decks. In places where there are kids, the balusters need to be firm and safe because kids love playing with everything. All the above baluster connectors are very sturdy and make sure the balusters are not a danger to anyone. They will not wobble or come off due to any pressure.

Long lasting

The deckorator baluster connectors go for years without changing their look. Age does not weaken them or make them rust. Majority of the baluster connectors are plastic, which makes their lifespan long and corrosion free.

Neat and clean

When you look at every finished job of putting up the balusters, you will agree that they look neat. The neatness becomes even more profound by the use baluster connectors because they give the balusters a very clean and neat look. You will not find any misplaced or protruding portions off the balusters. You can trust the baluster connectors to give you a product that is a pleasure to look at

Add to the beauty of balusters

Balusters come in many forms. Most of them are very beautiful to look at. Imagine if you had to finish them off by drilling them on the rails. The beauty would easily get lost. Baluster connectors add beauty to the balusters. They have beautiful designs that when combined with the baluster designs look perfect.


The baluster connectors are diverse in color, shapes and styles. Only a few come in only one color but majority of them come in beautiful colors for you to choose from. The styles also offer and you will get whatever style will go with the style of your balusters.


The prices of the baluster connectors is easy to the pockets and they are worth every penny you pay you spend on them

Easy to use and assemble

The balusters connectors really do not need a lot of know how to assemble and use. Anyone that can put a baluster on a rail can also put a baluster connector on the baluster. They are that easy to use.

Easy to maintain

They are easy to maintain and clean. They do not require anything extra after mounting them up. All you need is wipe them occasionally when you are cleaning your balusters. They are waterproof and can withstand any kind of weather.


Almost all the deckorator baluster connectors come with a warranty and if you feel or see like they do not meet their expectations, you are free to return them but with good reason


No matter where you are, whether at home, job site or office, we offer the most efficient shipping facilities, which are both cost effective and timely. Every delivery gets to you speedily. Some of the fragile orders might require special charges but overall we are very fair. Contact us with your order details and any special instructions you might want to add.


If you want to make a difference to your balusters, do away with the traditional way of installing them on the rails. Use baluster connectors and enjoy the beauty of your balusters without worrying about them coming apart at any given time. Let the children hang onto the rails without fear of any accidents because with baluster connectors, you get sturdiness. The price is fair and there are several types of baluster connectors to choose from. Go for your choice today.