Every home owner that owns a beautiful deck knows that it brings out the striking beauty of a home. This is because it makes it look extra ordinarily smart and even increases the value of the property. A beautiful deck is both profitable and enjoyable. How do you then make your deck stand out? You could make a dramatic statement in your deck decorative details by adding outstanding features that will give it that touch of elegance. This you can do by using traditional base post trim as the must have addition to your deck features.

Traditional Base post trim add instant vibrancy and bring life to your deck. Our rich and wide collection of traditional post base trim gives you many options to choose from no matter what your home style is and how your deck looks like. Whatever colour your deck is or whatever kind of material it is made of, our post base trim will take care of it.


Wood, vinyl and PVC are some of the most popular materials that bring out features that make a deck look beautiful. Wood especially is very popular for its versatility and its natural beauty. Wood, when used well can spruce up even the most boring home spaces. There is no other better option to brighten up your beautiful deck than by using base trim. However, wood posts alone do not complete the beauty of the deck. To make them even more appealing, use base trim to complete the appeal.

A base trim is a kind of a decorative addition to the base of a post or to the base of the wall purely for decorative purposes or as a means to add to the thickness of a casing. A base trim helps to bring more definition to the posts, walls and deck railings. Besides being more of a design statement than anything else, Base trim also protects the posts from damage.

Base trim are made of completely natural wood and if you want to add even more colour to the base trims, you can paint them with any colour you wish. Give them a glossy look, a dark look or any other colour that strikes a resemblance to your home colour theme. Besides beauty, they hide faults like cracks and moulds.



Base trim comes in different styles such as round, flat, square, rectangle or scalloped.  Even though they may seem like small details to care much about, a base trim does a lot to change the whole look of how your deck looks like. Therefore, it is very important to choose base trim styles that go well with the complete style and setup of your entire home.

Many of the base trim styles are used depending on the type of the homes and luckily, we have a wide selection from our collection that will meet your every taste. Below are the most popular base trim styles you will find. These options are the most popular with most homeowners and homebuilders.


    Flat base trim is another simple base trim that comes in different heights. The back of the base trim allows for easier installation and flexing. The thickness varies according to the application. Compared to other base trim styles, the flat base trim is more versatile because you can use it in a variety of ways. They work well with almost every known home design.


    Rounded or stepped base trim are probably some of the most popular base trim you will find in the market today. Many homebuilders use this base trim because it has a gentle touch and it tapers well with whatever surface attached to it. The shape is simple and the profile is short making this simplicity a good choice especially if you have another feature in your home that you want to stand out.


    The sculptured taller base trim has a very striking appearance. The top part of the trim has scallops and steps. The scalloped beautiful base trim tapers well with the surface attached to it giving out a strikingly beautiful finish. Sculptured taller base trim makes a very strong statement that it is best not to pair it with anything else.


    The sculptured base trim has a decorative sculptured top layer with steps and scallops. This style of base trim is best with homes that have a formal appearance. To bring out that formal elegant look on the decks, use of sculptured base trim on the posts always does the trick bringing out a richness of beauty that makes the deck stand out to everybody.


Post base trim adds a beautiful final addition to wooden posts on your deck. The post base trim does not only add beauty to the posts but also acts as protectors to the posts. They hide away any gaps between the posts leaving a clean, clear look

If you need to add base trim to an existing deck railing, then post base trims fit in nicely without much fuss.

Below are the different types of post base trim

Post base trim 6×6

Post base trim 6×6 is the perfect fit for wood sleeves or any post that has the nominal measurements of 6×6.

6×6 vinyl post base trim

6×6 vinyl post base trim are the best to use for smooth and perfect finishing on vinyl posts, vinyl fences, and PVC deck railings that have a nominal measurement of 6×6. They are easy to install and are easily adjustable.

4×4 post base trim

4×4 post base trim come in different styles and shapes and made to fit nominal measurements of 4×4.

4×4 vinyl base trim

4×4 vinyl base trim, which are in different shapes, ranging from round, square, rectangular and scalloped, provide a glossy finish to your vinyl PVC posts, vinyl deck and fences.


All our wood base trim are pressure treated to offer years of great looks to the posts. Pressure treatment of the post base trim preserves them while at the same time protecting them from decay and attacks by insects, termites and other fungi.


If you want that classic finish to your posts, then use cedar post base trim as your base. Cedar is easy to clean and it allows you to design it in any way you want much more easily. It is long lasting, readily available and is rot and decay resistance.


Any deck will look good depending on the details that go into the final additions. Deck post trim is one way to add to existing deck railing posts to give the railing that extra special look. There is a wide variety of deck base trim to choose from in our collection and depending on your taste, style and colour.


You need a deck that looks perfect because it is the first place that draws in the beauty of almost every home. When adding to the beauty of the deck railing, you need to hide whatever cracks appearing on the posts and any other minor but noticeable imperfections.

The deck is a favourite with kids and they will hang onto the railing, slide on it, jump over it and many other things kids love to do. To avoid any accidents or the railings coming off due to immense pressure, your railings have to be strong and so do your deck post base trim. Choose colours that go well with the posts and the theme of your home. The material you choose for the deck post trim will also matter a lot because you need to choose one that will give you great and long service.

Choose post base trim that is easy to install with either nails or glue. In addition, the texture of the post base trim you choose matters a lot especially when it comes to painting and staining them


Traditional wood post base trim are the best final additions to the base of your posts giving them that classic decorative finishing. They are available in different sizes and shapes. Wood post base trim add charm to the base of the deck posts while hiding any gaps between them.


Add elegance to your home by using our pressure treated traditional base trim. They not only add elegance and give your deck railing that extra touch but they are easy to install and easy to maintain. The post base trims are long lasting and they will hide any imperfections that may be lurking anywhere on your post railings.

You can easily stain and paint them with whatever colours you want to give you an astonishingly glossy look.  Whatever post base you are looking for, we have it. Everything comes down to your preferences. Change the look of your deck with a refined style today by buying our base trim.